FSU-Scholarships for female Postdocs

Scholarships for female postdoctoral researchers and academics for enhancing their academic profile

Scientific careers may sometimes include transitional phases that are afflicted by funding shortfalls. This may be the case if the researcher's qualification process is affected by structural obstacles as, for example, by part-time employments and family-related interruptions. Women are disproportionately more affected by those difficulties than men.

The scholarship programme aims at supporting excellent female researchers during such transitional stages by providing them with project-related scholarships. Eligible for a scholarship are all those activities that contribute to expanding your scientific profile in order to improve your suitability for a future appointment for a professorship. The aim of your project should thus be to advance your academic career with targeted measures.

The scholarship programme is part of the Thuringian Scheme for Young Female Researchers and Young Female Artists (2017-2020) funded by the Free State of Thuringia. The guidelines of the scholarship scheme can be found here (in German).

Types of scholarships

(1) Career advancement Scholarships (max. 12 months)

These scholarships are granted for the development of a new research topic or research focus, and/or the preparation of a grant proposal for your own research project. Career advancement scholarships shall not exceed a period of twelve months.

(2) Career re-entry Scholarships (max. 24 months)

Further scientific qualification and catching up with the current state of research after periods of leave (e.g. maternity leave, nursing leave, non-university employment) The funding period depends on the length of the period of leave and should not exceed 24 months.

(3) Transitional scholarships (max. 6 months)

These scholarships are meant for funding activities which sharpen or complement your scientific profile during transitional career stages where there are no other employment options for the scholarship holder. Transitional scholarships may apply for: the period between submitting a habilitation thesis ('Habilitation') and the end of the habilitation procedure, or the period between submitting application for, and the beginning of, projects funded by third-parties. The funding period will be adjusted to a specific case and shall not exceed six months.

(4) Finalization scholarships (max. 12 months)

These scholarships are meant for funding the concluding phase of writing a habilitation thesis, of a qualification-related research work or publications after the end of an employment period, or after exceeding the qualification period as defined in the Academic Fixed-Term Contract Act (Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz, WissZeitVG). The funding period shall not exceed twelve months.

(5) Sabbatical leave scholarships (max. 6 months)

These scholarships are meant for funding a time-limited release from all teaching or administrative duties within a department or a chair in order to work on a scientific project, for example, during an analysis and publication phase within your own research projects, or for writing a habilitation thesis. The funding period shall not exceed six months.

Target group and requirements

Target group
The programme focuses on high-qualified female scientists with doctorates in all fields of research who seek a university professorship and are currently in a transitional stage. At the time of applying for this scholarship, there should be no other funding option available at Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

Eligible are female researchers of all subjects with

  • a doctoral degree, rated at least "very good"
  • a scholarship project that contributes to the expansion of your scientific profile,
  • a positive evaluation by one professor regarding the suitability of the applicant and the quality of the project in terms of the relevant field of research;
  • a formal affiliation to a Professor at Friedrich Schiller University, including the option to teach at the University.

Funding sum and funding period

Each scholarship amounts to €2,000 per month. The funding period begins in the semester during which the application was submitted, but no earlier than six weeks after the application deadline. The starting date of the funding period will be adjusted to each applicant's personal circumstances. The length of the funding period varies depending on the type of scholarship and on the scope of the project submitted. If scholarship holders take up a job or start working as a civil servant during the funding period, the funding will terminate.

Announcement and application

Here you can find the current Announcement. Application deadline is 1 October 2019.

Applications must be submitted online via https://apply.uni-jena.de. The following documents must be submitted (file upload):

  1. A letter of motivation presenting your career plan (You may reference to any circumstances that have affected your career path);
  2. A curriculum vitae in tabular form;
  3. A certificate of your university degree and your doctoral degree;
  4. List of publications; if applicable, please list awards and/or acquired third-party funding
  5. Research proposal for the scholarship project (up to ten pages), including proof of preliminary work for the project, detailed project schedule and work plan, a statement showing how the project is to strengthen your research profile and increase the chances of future appointments;
  6. A written statement of a professor at Friedrich Schiller University Jena regarding the quality of the project in terms of the relevant field of research and regarding the potential of the candidate for a future appointment as professor, considering her scientific potential, her ability to teach in academia and her potential for leadership;
  7. A written statement of intent by a professor at Friedrich Schiller University Jena, confirming that the project in application is designed to be institutionally integrated and supported by her/his department, that the necessary equipment will be provided and that the scholarship holder is offered the opportunity to teach at their department, if she wishes so.


For further information or advice, you may contact:

Anne Dünger
Graduate Academy

Phone: +49 3641- 9 - 30392 / after 23 September: 9 40 13 18
E-Mail: anne.duenger@uni-jena.de