Representation of Interests

In addition to the senate, its committees as well as the Faculty Councils, the Board of the Academy is dedicated to shaping conditions condusive for PhDs at FSU. Every three years, the lecturers and professors who are members of the Graduate Academy vote for six representatives for the Board of the Academy.

Once a year, the doctoral candidates in Jena vote for the members of the FSU Doctoral Council DR. FSU as well as for their members of the Board of the Academy. Please make sure to inform your doctoral candidates about these possibilities.

Board of the Academy

The Board of the Academy decides on all fundamental matters concerning the GA and elects the Executive Committee. It is responsible for the admission of new members. All status and subject groups of the member institutions are represented in the Board of the Academy. The allocation of seats is conducted according to the five selective groups:

  • Professors of natural sciences, mathematics and informatics (3 seats)
  • Professors of humanities and social sciences (3 seats)
  • Postdocs (1 seat)
  • Doctoral candidates of natural sciences, mathematics and informatics (2 seats)
  • Doctoral candidates of humanities and social sciences (1 seat)

Members of the GA's member institutions associated with the FSU elect the representatives of their respective voting group. The term of the professor's representatives amounts to three years, the term of the young researcher's representatives only a year. The election results and the composition of the Board of the Academy can be found here. You may receive further information from the elective office of the University Jena.

Doctoral initiatives

The Doctoral Council of Friedrich Schiller University of Jena (DR.FSU) is elected to represent the interests of all doctoral candidates. The Council supports candidates in all matters concerning their doctorate and represents the candidates' interests at all levels of the University. The Council aims to facilitate a lively professional and social exchange among doctoral candidates of all departments in a variety of events. Every doctoral candidate can be involved in the DR.FSU's work by providing ideas and suggestions or by putting themselves up for election into the Council.

The members of the Doctoral Council are elected every year during the summer semester, at the same time as the elections for the Board of the Graduate Academy and the other bodies. The election is held as an online election. All eligible voters are contacted by email in good time before the election. All doctoral candidates have the right to run for election. The Council may consist of up to 17 members.

For more information, please refer to the DR.FSU home page.