Qualification Programme

The Graduate Academy aims to prepare young scientists for their future tasks within and outside academia and today's society. One step in this direction is the qualification programme tailored to the needs of doctoral candidates and postdocs. This qualification programme complements the discipline-specific courses offered within institutes and structured programmes.

The qualification programme includes courses in the areas: Fundamental questions of Sciences and Humanities, Research Methodology, Presenting and Publishing, Communication, Leadership and Management, Career Planning and Job Application, Languages, Teaching Qualification as well as Good Scientific Practice.

The GA's qualification programme is open to all doctoral candidates and postdocs at FSU. We would be happy if you informed your doctoral candidates on the existence of the qualification programme at FSU.

Additional information can be found on the websites of the qualification programme for doctoral candidates and postdocs. An overview of the complete qualification programme at the Graduate Academy can be found here. The brochure of the qualification programme can be downloaded here.