FAQs concerning the participation in the qualification programme

Please find hereafter useful information on bookings and cancellations as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Who may participate in the qualification programme of the Graduate Academy of FSU Jena?

All doctoral candidates and postdocs of Friedrich Schiller University Jena may participate in the qualification programme of the Graduate Academy. Doctoral candidates have to be registered in doc-in as admitted doctoral candidates. The group of postdocs includes young researchers working on a habilitation, research assistants with a PhD, heads of junior research groups as well as junior professors of FSU Jena.

How do I register?

You have to register online using the qualifications portal of FSU Jena. Members of FSU can log in by using the university login credentials. Eligible external participants may sign up to create a user account.

Registrations are usually accepted until three weeks before the beginning of the workshop. After submitting the registration you will receive an automatic registration confirmation via e-mail. Upon expiry of the application deadline, the Graduate Academy informs you by e-mail whether you were accepted. Furthermore, you will receive information regarding the payment terms for the service charge. Your registration will become binding by paying the service charge.

How much is the service charge?

Doctoral candidates and postdocs of Friedrich Schiller University pay a service charge of a maximum of 40€ per course depending on the workshop category. Please refer to the respective course description for the exact amount of the service charge.

What is the benefit of the waiting list?

Please make use of the waiting list in case a workshop is fully booked. This way you will automatically move up from the list, if registered participants deregister.

I am not able to participate. What now?

If you realise that you are not able to participate in the requested course, please deregister immediately. This way further interested people may move up the waiting list.
Unfortunately, if you deregister last-minute, we won't be able to refund the service charge. Nonetheless, please deregister in order to avoid possible sanctions.

How do I deregister?

If you are not able to participate despite a successful registration, please deregister immediately via the qualifications portal. You can deregister in your user account in the section "My Content". You will then receive an e-mail confirming your withdrawal. Unfortunately, a refund of the service charge is not possible in case of a last-minute deregistration.

Will there be sanctions if I don’t show up to the course without deregistering beforehand?

If you repeatedly don't show up to courses of the Graduate Academy without deregistering beforehand, we will reserve the right to suspend you from participating in the qualification programme for a whole term.

The qualification programme of the Graduate Academy is a premium offer of advanced graduate training. Every single expired position causes disadvantages, e.g. regarding the performance of the workshops by the trainers. Moreover, it wastes resources - averaging 150€ per participant per day - which we would gladly invest in the qualification of a successor on the waiting list.

Do I receive a certificate?

The Graduate Academy awards a certificate with supplement upon successful participation in the courses of the qualification programme.

You will not receive a certificate if you were absent more than 20% of the time of the course or if you didn't pay the service charge.

What is a supplement?

The supplement is an attachment to the certificate. Here, details can be found regarding the content of the successfully completed course.