Communication, Leadership and Management

In your day-to-day work, you develop lots of skills both for managing projects and for working with people. These skills are needed in and outside academia. You work in a team, come to terms with your boss and supervise others. Your doctoral project and other projects need planning and management. You structure your schedule, make decisions and find ways to solve problems.

The following workshops offer reflection, training and professional tools to expand your capabilities in these fields.

All current workshops of this category are available on the qualifications portal of FSU Jena.

Other offers at FSU Jena

Offers of Personnel Development

The personnel development of FSU aims to develop the specialist and personal qualifications of staff according to individual need. This includes measures for developing competences in scientific management and academic self-administration as well as management development for academic staff. The personnel development offers young researchers:

Project Management for Academics
Five modules on strengthening of key competences in project and personnel management and of administration on finances. The modules can be individually attended.

Information events about the "Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz" (in German)
"Neu an der Uni? Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz - Das Wichtigste für wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter"
"Zum Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz - Wichtige Informationen für Vorgesetzte"

Discussion/Appraisal Interview between Employers and Employees:
Training sessions for management and staff according to the university's guide to holding appraisal interviews with non-academic staff.

Offers for Managers/Professors
FSU is considering further offers to strengthen leadership competence and also supplies support e.g. through mediators when necessary and available.

Health Promotion
The "Uni Jena...rundum gesund!" project provides you with various health-promotion actions: sports activities, trainings in mindfulness, ergonomical trainings, nutritional workshops, leadership trainings, and many others more.

Further information can be found here and in Friedolin.