Postdocs with children

It can be a special challenge for academics to balance a career and a family. On the following pages, you can find information about various support opportunities and regulatory framework. You can also discuss the topic of "family and career" at your Career Counselling and Postdoc Counselling. In addition, workshops on the topics of "Family and career" and "Work-life balance" are offered by the Graduate Academy.

You can find additional information on the topic "Postdoc with children" on the page of the Hochschulfamilienbüro.

Child care

There are several childcare options for postdocs with children - daycare centres, child minders, the flexible childcare centre on campus, or babysitters.

You will find an overview of all child daycare centres in Jena here. The Jugendamt (youth welfare office) of Jena will put you in touch with child minders.

Fees for child daycare centres or afternoon nurseries are based on the parents' income. You will find a fee calculator for the City of Jena here. If you need daycare or a child minder for a child below the age of two, you will also need a KITA Card (child daycare card) issued by the City of Jena.

University employees with children can benefit from the flexible daycare offer on campus. The daycare centre is open from Monday to Thursday, 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m., and from 8.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. on Fridays. For further information, click here.

Pregnancy and maternal leave

Here you find information for university staff members about pregnancy and maternal leave. Scholarship holders can possibly interrupt their doctorate for maternal leave. Please ask your funding body. Also contact your funding body because of possible scholarship extensions and/or part time work.

Information regarding the topic of maternity leave of the German Association of University Professors and Lecturers ("Deutscher Hochschulverband") can be found here.

Special benefits of FSU

Newborn children of FSU students and staff get a baby welcome package from the university. All centrally located disabled toilets of the Friedrich Schiller University are equipped with baby's changing tables which makes it easier for parents to also take care of their youngest around campus and in the city centre.

An overview of all the locations with baby's changing tables at the Friedrich Schiller University can be found here.

Government benefits

Postdocs with children are entitled to a number of government benefits. The following is a legally non-binding overview of available benefits. Should you have any questions on specific benefits, please contact the authority in charge for more information.

Child benefits (Kindergeld)
Every child that is resident in Germany or usually lives in Germany is entitled to child benefits, irrespective of its nationality. For more information, click here.

Additional child allowance (Kinderzuschlag)
Parents with low incomes whose unmarried children below the age of 25 live in their household, and who can support themselves but not their children financially, are entitled to an additional child allowance (€ 140 per child for a maximum of 36 months). Foreigners who do not hold a long-term residence permit are not entitled to the additional child allowance. For more information, click here.

Parenting allowance (Elterngeld)
Parents who are in gainful employment or live permanently in Germany are entitled to the parenting allowance.The parenting allowance is calculated based on the salary in the last 12 months before payment of the allowance begins. If you were not in gainful employment in this period, you are paid the minimum amount. For more information and contact, click here.

State child-raising allowance (Landeserziehungsgeld)
The free state of Thuringia can pay a state child-raising allowance for every child, but only after its first birthday. Parents whose main place of residence is in Thuringia und whose child does not go to a daycare centre or child minder, or does not go there for more than 5 hours a day, are entitled. For more information, click here.

Advance child support (Unterhaltsvorschuss)
If you are a single parent of a minor who lives with you and are not receiving any or only a small amount of child support from the other parent, the child is entitled to advance child support payments. For more information, click here.

Housing allowance (Wohngeld)
Housing allowance is a rent subsidy. It depends on the number of family members, the amount of your total income and the amount of allowable rent you pay.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: International postdocs should refrain from applying for housing allowance, as an application automatically implies that you do not have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in Germany. Applying for housing allowance may, consequently, lead to losing your residence permit. For more information, click here.

Information events at the FSU Jena

The Graduate Academy organises special events for doctoral candidates and postdocs who have a child. Furthermore, it offers information events (e.g. in the context of the annual PhD day) and workshops regarding this topic in its qualification programme.

On the FSU family website you will find all events and activies for families in Jena. You can also subscribe the FSU family office's newsletter. At the moment, newsletter and event calendar are available in German only.