Good scientific practice

In public, "good scientific practice" is often equated with cases of plagiarism when it comes to dissertations. However, the topic covers a substantially wider spectrum of scientific conduct: Dealing with data (including checking, recording, ownership and storage), the publishing process and authorship, responsible supervision, academic cooperation, conflicts of interest and dealing with conflicts. Examples of inappropriate academic behaviour include inventing or faking data, violating intellectual property (theft of ideas or plagiarism), and sabotaging the research of others.

Guidelines for a good scientific practice at the FSU Jena

The Friedrich Schiller University has adopted guidelines concerning the protection of good scientific practice. These can be found here.

Seminars on the topic of "good scientific practice"

The Graduate Academy regularly offers seminars on 'Good scientific practice'. In this workshop the myriad conflicts brought up in the day-to-day activities of research are discussed with the help of case studies. We recommend that you attend such a seminar, if possible at the start of your doctorate. The current offers can be found here.

Omudsman: Persons of trust at the FSU Jena

All academics at FSU must comply with the guidelines that ensure good scientific practice. Should you suspect or be accused of inappropriate academic behaviour, please contact the University's ombudsmen who deal with these matters.