Workshops in the Qualification Programme: Online Courses available

Graduate Academy continues the qualification programme! There are Online Courses available now. Many of our trainers arranged their courses in a new online version, and we even got an extra course on "Managing Crisis", tackling the current situation from an individual perspective.

After registration, we will inform you how the workshop will be conducted. Participants that had already registered will be contacted and asked whether they want to participate in the online version of the workshop.

For any further courses in June, July and August, whether online or face-to-face, we will inform you as soon as possible.

The following online workshops are offered in English:

Date Title
12.05.2020 Academic Writing Skills (online) Registration
18. & 20.05.2020, 10.00-12.00h NEW: Managing Crisis (online) Registration
22. & 29.05.2020 The type setting system LaTeX (online) Registration
from 27.05.2020
(4 dates à 3,5h)
Don't Let It Drive You Nuts! Resilience and Self Management for Researchers (online) Registration

These online workshops are offered in German:

Date Title
11.00 -12.00h
Gelassen den Arbeitsalltag meistern (online) Registration
07. & 08.05.2020 Training interdisziplinäre Kompetenz (online) Registration
11.05.2020 Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft - Die eigene Forschung reflektieren und kommunizieren (online) Registration
from 14.05.2020
(3 dates à 3h)
Boxenstopp für deine MINT-Promotion: Arbeitsstand überprüfen, Ziele konkretisieren, nächste Etappe planen (online) Registration
12.06.2020 So verschieden sind Menschen - Führung von Teams unter Diversitätsapekten (neu) denken (online) Registration
15.06.2020 Die Promotion abschließen - von Anfang an zielgerichtet promovieren (online) Registration

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