Mourning Amélie Mummendey

181220_Amelie_kl_querThe Graduate Academy mourns the loss of Amélie Mummendey. After a short severe illness, she died on 17 December in Jena at the age of 74.

We owe the deepest gratitude to Amélie Mummendey: Thanks to her striving, the Graduate Academy was founded at Friedrich Schiller University Jena. First, based on her initiative the Vice Rectorate for the Graduate Academy was set up in 2007. Within the same year, the Graduate Academy started its work with Amélie Mummendey as its first scientific director and its first vice rector.

We remain in deep grieving for an excellent researcher, a far-sighted science policy maker and a highly regarded mentor.

The obituary of Friedrich Schiller University can be found here (in German).

Prof. Dr. Uwe Cantner, Dr. Gunda Huskobla, Dr. Hanna Kauhaus, Dr. Jörg Neumann, Jana Neumann, Matthias Jakob, Angela Köhler-Saß, Norbert Krause, Dr. Alexander Schwarzkopf, Franziska Höring

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