Looking back: Schillertag 2017 with this year's dissteration prizes and the "Habilitationspreis"

At this year's festive event on Schillertag, 30 June, the physicist PD PhD Claudia Schnohr was awarded the "Habilitationspreis" of Friedrich Schiller University for her publication on "Complex semiconductors: From atomic-scale structure to band gap bowing". As another reason for her receiving the award, the board named her excellent abilities as a higher education teacher, and her commitment to teaching, which had also brought her the "Lehrpreis" (best teaching award) for her lecture on nuclear physics earlier this year. For this excellent achievement, we send our sincere congratulations to Mrs. Schnohr!

The 2017 disseration awards by the Freunde&Förderer of FSU were given to Dr. theol. Martin Gröger, Dr. iur. Amina Hallmann, Dr. rer. Pol. Tina Haußen, Dr. phil. Pauline Weiß, Dr. phil. Stefanie Hechler, Dr. rer. nat. Therese Mieth, Dr. rer. nat. Tim Dietrich, Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Zechel, Dr. rer. nat. Katharina Wagner, and Dr. rer. nat. Theresa Antje Heinrich. Congratulations!!

If you wish to know more about this year's Schillertag, see here for a complete programme and a photo gallery.

All completed doctorates of 2016 and 2017 can also be found in Graduate Academy's Yearbook "Promotionen/Doctorates 2016/17", which can be ordered by mail to our academy address!

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