Graduate Academy accepts new research training group „Bildung.Forschung.Dialog.“

On 5 May 2017, the Board of the Academy of Jena Graduate Academy officially welcomed the "Bildung. Forschung. Dialog." graduate school as a new member.

This new membership helps to further advance doctoral education efforts at Jena University, and it will both support the Graduate Academy in its work, and strengthen the network of young researchers within the Academy. As of now, all doctoral candidates of this research training group will receive regular access to all GA's offers and resources. To strengthen their representation within the university administration, all members additionally have the opportunity to elect their representatives into the Board of the Academy.
As a place of dialogue, the "Bildung. Forschung. Dialog." graduate school at Friedrich Schiller University presents an interdisciplinary forum for education research within the context of school and higher education. Already founded in 2004, it was instantly accepted as a donee of the state-promoted project "ProfJL - Professionalisierung von Anfang an im Jenaer Modell der Lehrerbildung". The support from this promotion gave the school strong development impulses in the fields of research monitoring, conceptualization, and evaluation. Next to colloquia, method workshops and counsulting services, the annual conference for young academics is a central element to the "Bildung. Forschung. Dialog." graduate school. It is organized within the newly founded network of Central German Graduate Schools of Teaching Education and Educational Research, together with the universities of Erfurt, Halle, Potsdam, and Dresden.

The speakers of the graduate school and its 24 active doctoral researchers are Prof. Dr. Laurenz Volkmann and Prof. Dr. Mirka Dickel. The project's coordinator Dr. Dana Strauß and the research consultant Dr. Anne Milatz promote the school's further development, its implementation, and all evaluation processes.

Thus, by this year, more than 20 institutions for the qualification of doctoral candidates are active members of Friedrich Schiller University's Graduate Academy. This means that about 500 doctoral candidates of Jena University currently pursue their doctoral projects at the various member institutions of Graduate Academy.

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