Historical Rose planted in the House „Zur Rosen“

120918_RosenpflanzungOn 19 September the historical rose "Félicité et Perpétue" has been planted in the House "Zur Rosen" by the Vice-Rector for young researchers and diversity management, Prof. Dr. Erika Kothe, the general manager of the Studentenwerk, Dr. Ralf Schmidt-Röh, and a representative of the Doktorandenschaft (body of doctoral candidates), Catarina Henke. The rose, a culture dating from 1827, has been presented to the Studentenwerk and the Doktorandenschaft by the rector of the Friedrich Schiller University, Prof. Dr. Klaus Dicke, on the opening day of the newly renovated house "Zur Rose". It is meant to be a symbol for a positive and productive dialogue of all members in the House. In addition to the newly established "House of Young Researchers", the property also houses a cafeteria of the Studentenwerk and the student club Rosenkeller.

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