Support programmes outside the University

There is a wide variety of supportive programmes for doctoral candidates even outside the University. Subsequently, you will find a list with an overview of those programmes (without claiming to be exhaustive).

Coaching programmes, that are particularly for academics, can be found amongst others at the website of Karriereberatung für Akademiker. For a nationwide search you can also retrieve information from the following data bank.

Proofreading and Translation of Texts
Ms. Margit Pantke as well as the Mathias Stolarz offer a proofreading service for scientific German texts. A database regarding the search for lectors can be found here.

With regard to scientific English texts, proofreading services are amongst others offered by Modilingua and Englischlektorat. A database regarding the search for translators can be found here.

Psychosocial Advisory Services
For social, financial, judicial or psychological issues, please contact the student services organisation (Studierendenwerk). Psychosocial counselling as well as legal advice is available both in German and English. It is free of charge to all enrolled doctoral candidates of FSU. The Psychosoziale Kontakt- and Beratungsstelle der Diakonie offers support for those going through a life crisis. Furthermore, those who are seeking directional guidance in their life or are suffering from mental illnesses can find support.

International doctoral candidates may also use the psychosocial advisory services of Refugio e.V. and the Migrationsdienst der AWO, which is offered in various languages (e.g. English, Russian, Arabic).

Tax Accountancy
You can take professional legal advice for your income tax statement by, for instance, Jenaer Lohnsteuerhilfe e.V. or Vereinigte Lohnsteuerhilfe e.V. A list with tax accountants can be found here.