Intudoc event: The memorial and the educational establishment Andreasstraße in Erfurt

Zeitraum: 25.10.2014 12:00 - 16:00 Uhr


Do you want to learn more about german history? What was it like to live in GDR? How were the opposition and the resistance treated?

On 25 October the international tutoring service (intudoc) organizes a trip to Erfurt for Jena doctoral candidates and postdocs. There the memorial and educational establishment Andreasstraße will be visited.

The Andreasstraße in Erfurt was a remand center of the Ministry for State Security of the GDR. During 1952 and 1989 more than 5000 political prisoners had been arrested here. The memorial and educational establishment was established in 2013 to remember these times.

The cost for the Andreasstraße will be adopted by the GA. The number of participants is limited to 20.

Advance announcement at the GA Jena is required ().

Photo: Museumsverband Thüringen