Photo competition "Hats off" 2012

Zeitraum: 31.05.2012 19:00 - 21:30 Uhr


Have you got plenty of photos of your defence including your self-made doctoral hat? Did you help to create hats and capture them on film?

Until 31 March 2012 you had the opportunity to send your best picture to the Graduate Academy and enter this year's photo competition. At the fourth "Sommerfest" of the GA on 31 May 2012 the audience voted from among 11 great photos of doctoral hats for the three winners.

Winners 2012

To enlarge the pictures please click directly on the photo.

1. Prize: 50,-EUR

Graduate: Dr. Ekaterina Pshenay-Severin
Arbeitsgruppe Nanooptik, Institut für angewandte Physik (photo submitted by Falk Eilenberger)

Components on the hat:
  • Katja's office with bothering sun and sunscreen,
  • measurement setup (small, but working),
  • a luminous model of a nanooptical device,
  • the "Holy Grail" of nanooptics (a glass with a "negative index liquid")
  • a route for daily running in the forest
  • a small dictionary to overcome language barriers
2. Prize: 40,-EUR

Graduate: Dr. Christian Helgert
Abbe Center of Photonics
Institute of Applied Physics

Components on the hat:
  • invisible cloak (Simulation of an optical illusion)
  • disordered metamaterials (simulation with chocolate cookies)
  • Christian's bike (never seen him without)
  • optical activity of metamaterials ("sweeter than sugar")
  • E-beam writer (benchtop version)
  • groups refreshing drink
  • Cylinder of hat: Picture of the Colosseum in Rome (in memory of a semester abroad)

3. Prize: 30,-EUR

Graduate: Dr. Felicitas Schöbel
Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology

Components on the hat:
  • Personal items such as a handball, chocolate, pasta and attached fairy wings. Additionally components in relation to the subject of the dissertation:
  • anaerobe box,
  • lab devices,
  • a Lysin-Model
  • and an iron-sulfur-cluster with lost iron.