Jana Dümmler (Servicezentrum Forschung und Transfer)

How to apply for research funding in Germany - Part 1

16.01.2018, 09:00 - 13:00
Kleiner Sitzungssaal, Rosensäle, Fürstengraben 27
Anmeldung möglich bis: 16.01.2018
10 €

You are new to German research funding? You would like to learn more about opportunities to fund your research? You have already finished your PhD or are about to finish soon?

Join our workshop and learn (more) about funding opportunities available to researchers in Germany! Learn how to structure a successful research proposal and receive valuable hints and advices!

It is possible to attend only one of the two parts of the workshop on proposal writing. The morning is more informative along with a general discussion on successful research proposals. The afternoon is more interactive with training elements and a smaller number of participants. Please register for either one of the two parts or for both of them.


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