Ayad Dajani

Social Media Analysis with Big Data. Theory and Practice with the Nvivo Software Package

25.11.2016, 09:00 - 17:00
02.12.2016, 09:00 - 17:00
Multimediazentrum, Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 3, SR 1100
Anmeldung möglich bis: 25.11.2016
10 €

With social media analysis you can get innovative research results for a broad range of different research topics in the social, behavioral, and communication sciences as well as economics. Social media analysis can be used to evaluate, interpret and explain social phenomena.
For this you have to work with big data and therefore need special methods and software. The workshop will introduce the software
package "Nvivo" which is a powerful and complex tool for mixed method approaches and big data research. The workshop will show
how it can be used for social network analysis. In addition, you will get an insight into analyzing unstructured or semi-structured data like field notes, journal articles, web pages etc. with Nvivo.


  • ƒƒSocial Media Analysis techniques & theories; developing datasets for Social Networks and Network sites and applying methods of social media analysis for big data
  • ƒFive Models of Nvivo for Windows for Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Method Research Designs.
  • ƒƒData collection and data preparation; category analysis - coding; writing issues, presentation of data.
  • ƒƒLive Demo on hand practice of Nvivo for Windows.

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