Ivana Seccareccia

Public Speaking for scientists

04.04.2016, 09:00 - 17:00
Haus zur Rosen (Auditorium)
Anmeldung möglich bis: 05.04.2016
20 €

If you get nervous and feel uncomfortable every time when you're asked to give a speech, this course is just right for you! The workshop aims to help participants to improve their presentation skills and to become more confident speakers. The course consists of two parts. In the first part theoretical aspects of public speaking will be covered such as rhetoric elements, body language and strategies how to overcome anxiety on stage and necessary skills how to make effective speech. Special focus will be on scientific presentations including how to structure a talk, usage of scientific vocabulary, dealing with questions and giving constructive feedback. In the second part of the workshop participants will have the opportunity to actively take part while presenting short talks and giving comments to other participants.

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