Ice cream on exoplanets? Looking back at the Graduate Academy’s Summer Party

01_Hut-ab-Andrea-Beyer-beschriftet_kleinOn 31 May, more than 150 guests joined this year's summer party at the Graduate Academy. This year's science slam was won by Silvia Sabotta. The doctoral candidate who works in the Thüringer Landessternwarte (Thuringian Federal Obervatory) asked the interesting question on which exoplanets mankind can eat ice cream.

The photo competition was won by Andrea Beyer. Her beautifully ornated doctoral hat showed a smoking volcano she climbed during her dissertation, as well as many petri dishes in which she analyzed her soil probes.

Last but not least, the Rose team and the Studierendenwerk catering complemented the summer party with their great culinary delights. The duo AcordoSol provided the musical framing of the event.

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