Election of Board of the Graduate Academy and of Doctoral Council: Preliminary Election Results are published

From 9 June until 19 June 2017, a new doctoral council (DR.FSU) and therepresentatives of young researchers in the Board of the Academy were elected in an online election. On 20 June, the election outcomes were published tentatively, to be confirmed until 30 June, 2017.

If all elections are confirmed, the new DR.FSU will consist of 9 members. These support the doctoral candidates of FSU Jena with issuesconcerning their doctorate and represent their interests on all levels of the university. The tenure is 1 year each. The turnout was 11percent.

The Board of the Academy decides on all fundamental matters concerning the Graduate Academy and elects the Executive Committee. It will probably consist of 9 members during the period of 2017/18: 3 representatives of doctoral candidates, 3 professors from the natural sciences and the humanities/social sciences each. There was no postdoc candidate put up for election this year, so this position will probably be vacant throughout the 12 months after this October. The tenure of representatives of doctoral candidates and postdocs is 1 year each. The turnout in theindividual voting blocs was between 15 and 35 percent.

In case the elections are confirmed without further objections, the tenure period of this year's news docoral council and the Board of the Academy starts in October 2017.

Results from the elections of the Board of the Academy and of the DR.FSU (pdf)

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