Science Slam and Jazz at the „Zur Rosen”: Sommerfest of the Jena Graduate Academy on 2 June

On 2 June, join the party at the House for Young Researchers: the Graduate Academy invites all junior researchers and professors to celebrate the summer with us! We will start the festivities at 19:00 h, with the official welcome of the Vice-President for research, Prof. Torsten Heinzel, and the Vice-President for young researchers and diversity management, Prof. Uwe Cantner.

The party agenda has been made possible by the vivid commitments of our young researchers: There will be a photo exhibition of ten outstanding doctoral hats with a little contest and an award for the winning hat. We will also host a science slam at the veranda, where six junior researchers will provide quite a different perspective on their research interests. The doctoral council (Dr. FSU) will add a very original additional contest to the fest: the throwing of the wraths with an almost true replica to the original sword of Hanfried, the university's founding father. Last but not least, the Anna Zwinzscher Trio will frame the summer party with its jazzy vibes.

Both the Rose team and the Studentenwerk catering will provide the guests' culinary entertainment. The party's own drinks menu has been complemented with a special cocktail that was created entirely for our doctorate guests: the "Doctail".

See our programme here.

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