Looking back: The Graduate Academy’s Summer Party was all about hats and holes

16_03_GewinnerfotoOn 2 June, more than 250 guests joined this year's summer party at the Graduate Academy. The Anna Zwinzscher Trio provided for the musical framing of the event, while the famous science slam was won by Dr. Matthias Warkus, by a close vote. The post doctorate focused his presentation around the question, what a hole is, when regarded philosophically. The photo competition was won by Elke-Martina Jung. Her beautifully ornated doctoral hat showed the fungus she dealt with in her dissertation, as well as an additional globe symbolizing her travels to many international conference meetings, and finally a putty microscope, standing for her favourite hobby.

Last but not least, the Rose team and the Studentenwerk catering complemented the summer party with their great culinary entertainment.

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