New seminar for doctoral candidates

Starting next semester a new seminar for all PHD students of mathematics is offered at the Institute of Mathematics. There doctoral candidates will have the chance to present a topic that they are already working on or for which they are interested. The presentations should last one hour and should be held in English. In this way doctoral candidates can train their ability to present mathematic topics in front of an audience and get helpful feedback and inspiration for their work. Secondly, in this seminar, the partial isolation of many PHD students, which is often created by working in very small groups, can be overcome by new contacts and the doctoral life in the mathematic institute can be revived.

The seminar is organized by the two doctoral candidates Therese Mieth and Siegfried Beckus. Previously it was only intended for PHD students in the analysis, numerical analysis and geometry. At the request of many doctoral candidates, the seminar will be expanded on the whole institute in the coming semester. Although it is primarily aimed at doctoral candidates, postdocs and master students are also welcome. The seminar will be held every Monday 12-14 clock. For the coming semester there are still some presenters needed. If you are interested, you are welcome to contact the organizers.

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