Call for applications: Dalberg-Preis für transdisziplinäre Nachwuchsforschung

The "Akademie gemeinnütziger Wissenschaften zu Erfurt" and the universities and colleges of Thüringen set up the "Dalberg-Preis 2013 für transdisziplinäre Nachwuchsforschung" (Dalberg-Prize for Transdisciplinary Young Researchers). The prize focusses and shall award transdisciplinary research that does not only combine different research fields but also connects humanities and natural sciences. The often separated academic fields shall be perceived together. In fact they differ due to their different methodology and not by their research questions that unifies them.

The prize is named after Carl von Dalberg (1744 - 1817) who led the academy to an outstanding period of flowering in the 1770s and 1780s when he was governor of Erfurt. Dalberg supported science and arts and corresponded with a lot of famous coevals. Afterwards he became the last "Kurfürst" of Mainz.

The prize, which is endowed with 2,000 Euro, will be awarded on October 19, 2013 during the graduation ceremony of the University Erfurt. Applications can be submitted to the Senate of the "Akademie gemeinnütziger Wissenschaften zu Erfurt" till July 31, 2013 at the latest (Postfach 450122, 99051 Erfurt). You can also send your application via E-Mail to . Here you can also ask questions concerning the prize and the application. Further information you will find at

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