Rosen-Zeiten. Vom Weinbauernhaus zum Haus für den wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs

"Zur Rosen - House for Young Researchers", one of the oldest university buildings in Jena, was reopened in July 2012 and is now the central contact point for doctoral candidates and postdocs at Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

The Graduate Academy organised a small exhibition about the long history of the house which is open to anyone interested from 27 Nov 2012 until 28 Feb 2013. Around a model of the house the exhibition shows historical photos, the restoration of the house and its current usage. Weekly guided tours through the exhibition and the house will be offered from 4 Dec 2012 on Tuesdays at 10:00 h (language: German).

Exhibition: 27 Nov 2012-28 Feb 2013
Opening times: Tue 10-14 h, Wed 10-14 h, Thu 16-18 h (closed between 24 Dec - 1 Jan)
Entrance: free

Free guided tours through the exhibition and the house in German (duration: appr. 20 minutes): Tue 10:00 starting on 4 Dec 2012

Place: Johannisstraße 13, room opposite of the Cafeteria

Press release (in German)
Beitrag auf JenaTV (in German)

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