Interdisziplinäre Arbeitsgruppe "Communicating Science"


Communicating Science. Verbally. Written. Illustrated


Dr. Anne Dippel
Dr. Kiara Aiello
Developmental Toxicology Researcher & Scientific Communicator

Research project:

Filling human curiosity with scientific advances is much needed and delightful.

Do you want to hear more about it? Then this video by #TheSecretLifeOfScientist is for you.

There are many tools to achieve a good communication; we aim to create a network of researchers from diverse fields and practice monthly the best communication tools:

VERBAL communication:
Explaining one-on-one science facts in 3 & 10 min / Presenting to a broad audience in 10 & 30 min

WRITTEN communication:
Posting in social media in 1 & 2 paragraphs / Blogging / Being an infopreneur

VISUAL communication:
Illustrating for presentations / Illustrating for social media posts

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